the first step in a brave new world

After being in the internet backwater for what felt like eons, I’ve finally been set up with some pretty decent internet – mainly a proper NBN connection. Whilst the plan that I’ve started on isn’t the beefiest, and is essentially the top tier of what ADSL2 can deliver – the fact is that there was no way that ADSL2 was capable of actually hitting those speeds.

The other big issue was uploads, mainly due to the way that ADSL handles uploads. I’ll have to do a write up on that at some point, but this is all essentially fluff.

I’ve got enough upload speed to be able to stream properly.

You can find me over at

I’m going to try to play a lot of older games, not just old DOS games, but a lot of older windows titles that always get overlooked. I know that I’m planning on getting some mates together an play some Unreal Tournament ’99 very soon.


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